GirlsUP Girl Serving on United Nations Foundation’s Teen Advisory Board

“Being involved with GirlsUP as a Teen Advisor for the United Nations Foundation is an opportunity like no other. It takes all of the high-mindedness and activities that GirlsUP has taught me and applies them on an international forum. Raising awareness, advocating and fundraising as a Teen Advisor was enlightening. But even more so working with likeminded powerful girls was absolutely awe-inspiring. I never dreamed interacting with such high caliber young women from around the world would be so moving for me. Being involved with GirlsUP has pushed me and other Teen Advisors to help the girls who cannot help themselves. The voices of these underrepresented girls are being heard through our work. I am proud of the girls who came before me, and I hope to leave the same legacy for Teen Advisors after me.” – GirlsUP Girl Lee S.