GirlsUP Teen Board

Welcome to the 2022-2023 GirlsUP Teen Advisory Board! 

Our GirlsUP Teen Advisory Board kick-off meeting will be held Monday, October  4th from 7:30-8:30pm at the Leland Community Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  Our GirlsUP Teen Advisory Board will continue to meet on the first Monday of each  month in-person at the Leland Community Center. All GirlsUP staff and participants will  be required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status and we will, of course,  continue to monitor all federal, state and local Covid protocols.

New to the GirlsUP Teen Advisory Board?  Please read on … 

For those new to the Teen Board, we often get asked, so what does the GirlsUP  Teen Board actually do? Here’s our response:

Our GirlsUP Teen Advisory Board is a chance for your daughter to continue  her GirlsUP journey throughout the remainder of her middle school and high school  years. It’s our way of extending the gift of GirlsUP to her during these formative years  and inspiring her to continue to think creatively, communicate effectively, assess  choices critically and develop and maintain an authentic self-reliance. Through our Teen  Board monthly activities, your daughter will be encouraged to know her own mind and to  speak it; question the often uninspiring messages about girls from society and her  peers; think beyond herself; and continue to reveal her true character through choices,  big and small.

We do this through monthly Teen Board meetings, discussions, and opportunities  that will challenge your daughter to think, to grow, and to lead, including running  monthly Teen Board meetings, exploring relevant local and global issues that  affect girls, planning ongoing year-round service and team-building events, being  mentors to our younger GirlsUP Girls, and acting as spokespersons to the media.  GirlsUP Teen Board Advisors also act as counselors at our GirlsUP summer program  sessions. Throughout this year, we will have approximately nine monthly  meetings and at least three service projects and/or team-building activities all of which  will be fully planned and orchestrated by our Teen Board Advisors. The annual fee to  participate in the GirlsUP Teen Advisory Board is $95.00.

Serving on our GirlsUP Teen Advisory Board also makes your daughter eligible  for selection to the United Nations Teen Board where she can meet and work with  other girls from around the country to empower girls around the world. We are proud to  report that since 2011, sixteen of our GirlsUP Teen Advisors have been privileged to be  selected for this prestigious honor which the United Nations bestows on only some

twenty girls worldwide each year. Their work with the United Nations has included  delivering a petition to the White House to end child marriage, meeting the heroic  Malala Yousafzai; and traveling along with their fellow UN Teen Board Members  to cities all around the country to help orchestrate UN events to raise awareness that  will help improve the lives of their sisters in some of the world’s most disadvantaged  communities. In short, this experience for our GirlsUP Girls has been profound, and we  are proud that our GirlsUP Girls who have had this opportunity with the UN have gone  on to substantial accomplishments at colleges across the country, such as Columbia  University, Dartmouth College, the University of Pennsylvania and as a Morehead-Cain  Scholar at UNC/Chapel Hill. These GirlsUP Girls credit, in large part, their experiences  on our Teen Board and with the United Nations as key to fueling their accomplishments.

Our Teen Board is a unique opportunity, as GirlsUP is singular in its commitment  to creating an organization that is truly “of the girls, by the girls, and for the girls.” We  place genuine trust in our Teen Advisors and, correspondingly, expect from them a  mature accountability.

We hope your girls will join us on October 4 and be part of our 2021-2022 GirlsUP Teen Advisory Board. Please let us know if you have any questions at


The GirlsUP Teen Board Team