What is GirlsUP?

The GirlsUP summer program inspires girls to develop real character, genuine confidence and core life skills through an innovative journey toward self-discovery. The Beginner and Advanced five-day sessions are each divided into the following concepts:

Self-Awareness: “To Thine Ownself Be True”
The girls will be led through a fun, interactive self-assessment of their unique character, strengths and spirit, including selecting their own mantras and theme songs to reflect their personal philosophy. Yoga instruction will fuel an awareness of mind, body and spirit.

Self-Image: “To Be and Not to Seem.”
The girls will explore the authenticity of their own self-image, and will question their barometers of worth, including how cultural influences affect how they see themselves. They’ll deconstruct the hidden messages being communicated about a girl’s value in everything from Snow White to Maybelline magazine ads. A nutritionist will discuss healthy physical, emotional and psychological relationships with food.

Self-Expression: “Looking the World Straight in the Eye”
The girls will focus on clearly and effectively speaking in their own voice and embracing opportunities to speak publicly. Through a series of dramatic improvisations, they’ll speak up and out, navigating responses to challenging social situations. An artist will discuss how she found her voice through creative expression.

Self-Reliance: “Standing Strong When it Counts”
The girls will address how to exhibit self-respect, character and independence in critical decision-making. Through a series of creative exercises, they will explore their own intuitive instincts and develop strategies for staying true to themselves in moments of uncertainty. A martial arts instructor will lead them through a fun and practical class on self-defense.

Self-Giving: “A Girl for Others”
The girls will be encouraged to look beyond themselves and reveal their true character through commitment to others. They will create and present their own design for a monument that stands as a beacon of hope to inspire other young girls. A panel of role models who rule will interact with the girls, sharing their own personal journeys and showing the girls, by example, how to integrate passion, belief and a sense of service into their lives.